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Melissa has been a wood worker for years owning a cabinet shop for years in California. Each piece of art she creates is truly unique because it is hand made and numbered. Melissa does not use any mass production tools like CNC machines.

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Local Artist

Melissa lives in beautiful western Washington state. She travels throughout the entire pacific north west attending art shows and events. "The beauty of the area is an inspiration that energizes the creative expressions of my art."

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Unique Designs

Always reaching for the ultimate visual effect, Melissa is constantly improving and altering her artistic designs. She always prototypes designs before actually attempting to build them.

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These kinetic wood sculptures are not driven by an electric motor. The viewer participates in the art by winding it up by hand and starting it's random movement. The run-time of these art pieces depends on the number of winds not exceeding 20-22. They run well over one hour. Some of Melissa's designs incorporate a moiré pattern. This mesmerizing effect occurs when identical wheel pattern's are superimposed on top of each other while rotating in the opposite direction. Sound is also part of the art experience as the wheels turn and change direction. Overall, these sculptures produce a relaxing visual experience that can be enjoyed over and over again.


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