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ki·net·ic art

noun: kinetic art

a form of art that depends on movement for its effect. The term was coined by artists Naum Gabo (1890–1977) and his brother Antoine Pevsner (1886–1962) in 1920 and is associated with the mobiles of artist Alexander Calder.

Each kinetic wood sculpture is custom designed with Adobe Illustrator and printed out. She creates a limited number of individual pieces (run) for each design at the same time. Each individual piece is then hand-crafted with heart, soul, and love.

24" Sculpture Shown Above.
Mouseover HERE to see the 36" sculpture.

Fire and Ice

Melissa's second kinetic wood sculpture has a steampunk influence and was designed to provide a 3D look as the two wheels rotate in counter rotating directions. This design is more complex and features eight inset circles between the spokes. Similar to other designs, it is driven by a constant torque spring motor. Wind it up and enjoy a random fascinating relaxing effect for your soul. The Fire and Ice sculpture is available in 24” and 36” diameters.

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Circle of Inspiration

One of Melissa’s first kinetic sculpture features two three-dimensional rotating wheels that change motion speed and direction at random times. It is driven by a constant torque spring motor. Wind it up and enjoy the random hypnotic motion like watching random sea waves lapping the shoreline.

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Bat'leth is a weigh driven clock like kinetic sculpture driven by weights and gears. The outer spinners are inspired by the Star Trek Klingon hybrid-edged bat'leth weapon. The movement of this sculpture is random and makes a wonderful tick-tock sound when it starts it's spinning motion.

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